MB by mb

mb Your last biography “Portrait hors cadre” by Jean Gilbert Adam was already most original.
MB Thanks ! When you’re gifted, everyone should take advantage of it!
mb – You say that because you have a lot of imagination.
MB Maybe, it’s just a gift
mb Did you dream of becoming a painter when were a child?
MB No, as a kid I wanted to be a race-car driver with a beautiful red Ferrari!
mb That wae daring!…It showed that you had a strong personality.
MB It’s true…but despites appearences which, as we all know, are often deceiving, I don’t take myself too seriously I really don’t think I am the greatest. I just to do my best in everything I love doing. I’m a perfectionist!
mb Have you always been like this?
MB Since the cradle.
mb Let’s speak a little about your painting….
MB For me, you either like or dislike a word of art, but you don’t judge it. It’s as simple as that. How can you possibly criticize something that someone has created?
mb You seem upset all of a sudden…
MB Yes, I am, you know, a simple word in the mouth of any idiot can become a dangerous weapon. Artists are sensitive and the wrong word can really crush them. Talleyrant used to say “All my life, I have been up agrainst the stupidity of peaple’s opinions”. History has shown time and again that critics are often mistaken. The greatest art collections were assembled by private collectors who bought what they liked on the spot. My greatest satisfaction is to see a lover of art who is moved by one of my paintings or to see someone without much money buy one of pictures by instalments. In my opinion, what counts most is the affection and friedship of my faithfull admirers.
mb How do you choose where you’re going to exhibit?
MB I don’t choose; the places choose me!
mb Where, for example ?
MB Public organizations, such as Unesco, or private companies, such as the Société Générale or Bang & Olufsen. That’s the way it’s been for years.
mb Where do you get your inspiration?
MB From everywhere, a sentence, e look, a flower, a poem, a song, a reflexion of a philosopher or even from some social injustice…Finally, anything can be a source of inspiration. You just have to know how to listen, to see, to remember.
mb Your art is very graphic…
MB In fact, you can read in the Bénézit (for those who are not in the know, it is the dictionary of painting, sculptors and graphic artists): “She has created a kind of figurative art markedly graphic, in particular when she puts her subjects behind the lines of a Venitian blind” .
mb Do you employ any special techniques?
MB No, I’m completely eclectic, oil, acrylics, pastel, drawing, engraving, collage, plaster, cement… it all depends on the choice of my subjects.
mb What determines the price of a picture?
MB It’s the emotion of the art lover or collector which gives it its value. Without this emotion, the work of art does not exist.
mb In terms of value, which of your creations is the most important for you? Which one are you the proudest of?
MB – Without a moment’s hesitation, it’ my son, Daniel!

In saying this with great tenderness, MB and mb fall into each other’s arms; deeply moved, they embrace each other, decide to put an end to this interview, and soon sit down together again to a big dish of …spaghetti!